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Protecting Your Rights

Your divorce will impact your life both now and for years to come. For example, your divorce could affect your finances, your relationship with your children, and other important parts of your life. By working with one of our skilled lawyers, you can reduce the uncertainty of divorce while moving forward to a brighter future.

At the Law Office of Robyn A. Hudson, P.A., our attorneys have devoted their careers to helping people facing all types of difficult legal challenges, including divorce, and we are prepared to help you.

Providing Practical Advice And Compassionate Guidance In Divorce

Going through a divorce can be extremely emotional and can involve complex legal issues. In every divorce, we work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and goals. We will provide realistic counsel designed to help you understand what can and cannot happen in your case. By providing candid advice, caring client service, and aggressive advocacy, we are able to help solve legal problems while easing the anxiety and stress associated with divorce.

At the Law Office of Robyn A. Hudson, P.A., we have helped people across Lake and Sumter Counties successfully resolve every part of their divorce, which may include issues of child custody, child support, and alimony. Most divorce cases also involve the distribution of the parties’ marital assets/property and debts/liabilities. In Florida, the process of distributing these assets and debts is referred to as “equitable distribution.” The word “equitable” means “fair,” and it is usually the goal of equitable distribution to divide the value of the divorcing couple’s property and debts equally or in a manner that is otherwise fair.

This process can range from straight forward to extremely complicated; and some factors that determine the complexity of equitable distribution include:

  • Whether the parties agree to the value of certain items
  • Whether a spouse is attempting to hide assets
  • Whether a spouse has dissipated (sold, given away, etc.) assets
  • Whether a spouse has incurred debts that were not in furtherance of the marriage (i.e. spending money on an extra-marital affair)

If the parties own real estate or a business, or if one or both of the spouses have a retirement plan, these issues also create their own set of challenges in achieving equitable distribution, and there are often additional documents that need to be prepared and completed (such as deeds for real property and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders for retirement accounts) to effectuate the division of these types of assets.

In addition to dividing a divorcing couple’s marital assets and debts, determining whether all or part of an asset or debt is non-marital or pre-marital and therefore not subject to division (or whether an asset that was originally pre-marital has been comingled or otherwise treated in a way that now makes the asset subject to equitable distribution) can be both extremely important and extremely complicated.

It is important that you have an experienced attorney to advise and represent you regarding the property distribution matters in your divorce. At the Law Office of Robyn A. Hudson, P.A., our attorneys are knowledgeable, diligent, and thorough, and we can help you ensure that your assets and debts are fairly divided and protected.

Helping You Shape Your Future.

Whether you believe your divorce will be relatively amicable or very contentious, we are able to develop effective solutions to your various issues. In many cases, negotiations or mediation is a good way to reach an agreement. In other situations, however, a trial is the only way to resolve your divorce. If trial is necessary, you can depend on us to present a powerful case to the judge. However your divorce is finally resolved, we will provide strategic, focused representation aimed at helping you reach a fair result.

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