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A stepparent is a person who is married to a child’s parent but is not the biological or legal parent of that child. In today’s society, blended families with divorced and separated parents and stepparents are very common, and stepparents can be important figures in a child’s life who may love and care for a child. A stepparent’s marriage to the parent of a child does not give that stepparent parental rights over the child or affect the rights of the parent to whom the stepparent is not married unless a termination of parental rights and stepparent adoption occurs.

The Process for Stepparent Adoption: The process to adopt a stepchild in Florida is complex, and issues may arise throughout the proceedings. The stepparent and their spouse must evaluate whether they meet the requirements for the stepparent to adopt a child, and whether they are ready to make the commitment of creating a legal parent-child relationship between the stepparent and the child.

  • Get Consent In Florida, the petitioners seeking the stepparent adoption must first obtain consent from the other parent or move to terminate that parent’s parental rights before a stepparent can adopt a stepchild. To terminate a parent’s rights without consent, certain grounds for termination must be proven.
  • Give Notice Once the petition is filed, the petitioners give notice to the parent, or any other interested parties. If the other parent consents to the termination of their parental rights and to the stepparent adopting the child, the Court can order this if it finds that doing so is in the best interests of the child. If the other parent does not consent, then the Court will hear both sides to determine if the stepparent will be allowed to adopt the child.
  • Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption If the Court finds that the other parent has voluntarily consented to the termination of their parental rights or that the petitioners have proven grounds for involuntary termination of parental rights, that adoption by the child’s stepparent is in the best interests of the child, and that all other legal requirements for stepparent adoption have been met, the Court will terminate the other parent’s rights and will order that the child’s stepparent is legally the parent of the child.

Issues to Consider: Once the adoption is finalized, any ongoing child support obligation on the part of the parent whose rights are terminated will end, and the former parent will no longer be entitled to make any decisions about the child or to visitation. The stepparent will have all of the rights and responsibilities of a parent, including that they will be entitled to timesharing with the child and that they will be responsible for financially child supporting even if there is a future divorce.

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